About T Caribe

In addition to our clients, T. Caribe’s team are our number one priority

"Cristian Reyes"

Cristian Reyes is the brain power behind T.Caribe. A native-born Dominican, Cristian has owned his own transportation business for the past twelve years. During his early years, he worked as a driver in the transportation field. It was then that he sharpened and honed his skills, learning the meaning of professionalism, service, timeliness, commitment and dependability.

Over the years, Cristian perfected the art of customer service. In time, he decided to open his own business in order to provide customer service the “CRISTIAN” way! The past twelve years, Cristian has been building a business that caters to distinguished customers from all over the world.

His commitment to excellence can be seen in every facet of his business, from the selection of vehicles, to the professionalism exhibited by his drivers, to the genuine enthusiasm exhibited by all T. Caribe employees.

All twelve of our drivers are considered family. Without them, we are just another company in the transportation field. The client-driver relationship is what helps to create your first impression of the island. Therefore, we want you to depend on our knowledge of the area and have complete confidence in our interest in satisfying you and your companions. We love our jobs and we want to “ACHIEVE PERFECTION,” because a satisfied customer will always return.

Each of our drivers exhibits a high degree of professionalism. From the time you are picked up until you arrive at your destination, you will experience the most courteous, helpful and resourceful drivers on the island. Our drivers are always eager to please; they will be there with a smile at the appointed hour. All of our drivers monitor your flight or ship schedule, the city’s traffic patterns, and the weather in order to guarantee a safe, unhurried trip to your destination.